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The use of chemical toilets according to the UNI EN 16194 standard, which stipulates its mandatory presence in all workplaces without fixed toilets.

This includes construction sites, road sites, industrial sites, marine sites.
the agricultural sector during the harvest, harvest, grape harvest period when fixed services are not present or are located at a distance of more than 100 meters;
logistics areas, warehouses and sheds in the absence of a fixed bathroom available to transporters and external personnel at all times.
public areas such as public parks, historic centres, areas dedicated to local markets and car parks;
tourist facilities of a seasonal nature such as beaches, ski slopes and nature trails without permanent toilets.

If you need to rent a portable toilet, call us at +355 68 205 4861 and let one of our expert consultants guide you step by step.

Based on your needs, he will be able to recommend the number of toilets you will need and better plan the cleaning and maintenance of the cabins by the operators ours.

At the end of the consultation you will always have a competitive price for the entire rental period.

Don’t worry if you need to change the rental period, we will always be available for any service extension or earlier delivery.

It will be sufficient to provide an accessible space for cleaning equipment on cleaning days.

We take care of everything else. From depositing waste to cleaning the interior and exterior of the cabin. It will be the responsibility of our specialist operators to ensure that the toilets comply with Tailorsan hygiene standards throughout the hire period.

Portable toilet rental for a construction site or for a long period of time varies based on several factors such as the number of toilets rented, additional cleaning, site isolation and exceptional site conditions.

For this type of service, Tailorsan’s standard monthly rental consists of one cleaning every 5 working days.

On the other hand, the rental for short-term events is calculated on a daily basis and takes into account the flow of people and the help on the ground to empty and clean the toilets, which must be done by law at least every 6 or 12 hours depending on the amount of bathrooms in the available.

For events it is possible to significantly reduce costs by designing the service together with our consultants to optimize methods and costs.

Every Tailorsan toilet is cleaned to the standard certified by T-System, which allows us to always maintain a high level of hygiene inside the cabin and a clean appearance outside. To discover the secret and innovation behind the T-System protocol, click here. Wastewater generated by C.E.R. 20.03.04 are safely disposed of by our operators and handed over to the respective disposal centers, keeping track of every movement of the same in the documentation.
The supply of portable toilets varies according to the number of people expected. For construction sites and long-term rentals, the required number of portable toilets is equal to 1 unit for every 10 people present on the construction site with a guaranteed cleaning intervention every 5 working days. For events open to the public it is always advisable to discuss the required quantities with a consultant, taking into account not only the duration of the event, but whether food or drink is served and the composition of the audience.

Yes, Tailorsan offers various models of toilets with optimized accessibility for wheelchair users and individuals with limited mobility.

Each Tailorsan toilet for people with disabilities allows you to easily maneuver a wheelchair inside it, allowing a full 360° rotation.
The height of the toilet is designed to facilitate the transition from the seat from the chair to the toilet and the interior is equipped with support bars and a non-slip floor to prevent falls and loss of balance.