Tailorsan Albania


Certified Disinfection

All our toilets are delivered with the seal
T-System, which is obtained only at the end of the entire disinfection certification process.

Sanitary care is essential to ensure that activities are carried out without problems and to prevent any possible risks to the health of workers. Tailorsan certifies bathroom hygiene after delivery with the T-System protocol which certifies hygiene in three steps: washing with high pressure jets, sanitization with medical-surgical products and washing final disinfection with ozone.

Periodic cleaning is always chosen together with the customer during programming. Courts served are signposted with the time and name of the operator who will be serving for maximum clarity.

This method allows us to remove hard dirt created by building materials, as well as micro-particles and harmful bacteria. Our goal is to always guarantee maximum hygiene for users, pleasant and aromatic interiors for a professional and clean working environment.

Disinfection with OZONE

Our motto “Clean Portable Toilet” is the commitment we have made to our customers. Our hygiene vision aims to revolutionize industry standards and translates into a daily commitment to guarantee all sectors the hygiene and value they deserve. During periodic cleaning, our operators use medical-surgical products and high-pressure jets for complete disinfection of the external and internal surfaces of the cabin with special attention to the parts in greatest contact: the seat , hand basin, roller holder, safety handles. and door handles. We are always up to date with the new rules of hygiene and safety at work.

Discover our service T-SYSTEM

This technology, which has already been part of our hygienization method since 2018, is the result of in-depth studies by the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua, which prove a virucidal ability from < b>92% to 99%.

Intensive cleaning

Intensive cleaning under the action of pressurized water jets

Complete disinfection

Complete hygiene with the use of medical-surgical disinfectants

Deep disinfection

Complete cabin hygiene with ozone generators, the same ones used in the hospital world

360° Security

Our toilets are designed to be completely hands-free, so we keep contact with surfaces to a minimum. Even activities such as that of health centers, with which Tailorsan has cooperated during the Covid-19 pandemic period, can testify to maximum effectiveness at all times.