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Portable Toilet Mondo

Toilet with maximum accessibility and durability.

Mondo is the bathroom with an elegant European design.

Molded walls allow sufficient natural ventilation and keep the cabin cool at all times.

The ventilation pipe from the outside prevents the spread of unpleasant odors in the cabin.

In the AIR version it is possible to have a perforated platform for greater ventilation of the toilet.

Equipped with pedal controls and protective diaphragm that prevents vision and skin contact with organic waste.

These features, in addition to the large internal spaces, make the Mondo a comfortable and pleasant portable toilet to use.

The Mondo is available in the “Air” version, with the practical perforated platform that makes the cabin more airy and clean, or the “Elite” version with customized exterior graphics of the cabin.

Toilet seat

to limit contact with surfaces

Wide door

83 x 205 cm

Ventilation pipe

for the release of odors from the outside


foot control for safety and hygiene.

Technical specifications

Waste tank capacity:
265 liters

Hand washing tank capacity:
38 liters​

External measure:
112 x 122 x 231 cm


This toilet is perfect for:


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